All patients at the clinic are seen on a private basis or under the PRSI scheme operated by the Dept. of Social Welfare. We currently do not provide treatment under the Medical Card Scheme run by the Health Services Executive.

If you are covered under the PRSI scheme, you are entitled to one ‘Oral Examination’ per year. If you would like to know if you qualify for this, simply call or email us with your details and PPS number and we will be happy to check for you. For eligible patients, we will also carry out a Scale and Polish with the Oral Examination for 15€.

Procedure Cost €
Examination (PRSI Examination is FREE annually) 40€
Annual PRSI Examination incl. Scale & polish 15€
Private Examination incl. Scale & polish 80€
Private Examination incl. Scale & polish plus 2 X-rays 90€
Filling – Amalgam (silver) 80 – 120€
Filling – Composite (white) 100 – 140€
Extraction 85 – 120€
Crown 750 – 850€
Implant Crown 1200€
Veneer 500€
Post & core 250€
Root Canal Treatment (single canal) 350€
Root Canal Treatment (two canal) 390€
Acrylic Denture 400 – 450€
Full Upper & Lower Dentures €900-1,200
Chrome Cobalt Denture 850€
Bleaching – Take home kit 200€